How good is cider in the sun ? I know right.. THE BEST!

After umming and ahhing I finally decided to lock in CIDERINTHESUN – It sums up my perfect summers day (or any seasons day really, with a glint of sun), which would also include my besties and a checkered picnic blanket in a park… with cheese.

It just describes MY happy.

So.. HEY.. My name is Meagan – Livin in the burbs’ surrounding Melbourne – zooming closer and closer to 30 – I’m not scared.. much.

I’ve been wandering this planet for the better part of 28 years now and I am only finally opening my eyes and my heart and my mind to all the true wonder there is! .. and just so you know, I choose HAPPINESS.. and cake, ALWAYS cake.

I have done a fair bit of travelling and now I am officially a NOMAD.. I am and will forever be, my heart is not tied to one place, but now, to many. Travelling changes you, and I have met some of the most fabulous, inspiring, humble people on this planet during my journeys abroad and had some once in a lifetime experiences.

I have previously been an au pair in Switzerland for just under 2 years and my time there was nothing short of amazing.. my trials and tribulations have and will continue to be shared on this here blog! Life lessons learnt when you are immersed in a foreign culture are hardcore, but they are the ones that will stick with you forever!

I’ve been known to dabble in blogging before, but nothing serious, I’m hoping that this blog gets a full life and can somehow throw out there what words via mouth can just NOT always explain, or they can, but its probably best I don’t say them out loud!

Welcome to my adventures;

The wins, the losses, the rants, the inspiration, motivation, My Heart.

Lover of many things, hater of a few.

This is my story.