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My oh my you are an empathetic one

I’m not sure if I have a problem or not, so I have decided to come here today to nut it out, bear with me. Is itView full post »

The one where I have no idea what to say..

So I’m planning on becoming more of a frequent blogger, this would as you can expect mean that I actually need toView full post »

Quantity VS Quality

I think we all reach that age at some stage where we value quality of friends much much more so than quantity..View full post »

Some Moggers do have ’em

A thought struck me the other morning while I was drying my hair before work (yes of course that detail is relevant….View full post »

Roller-coasters and snowballs.

So this week I was planning to do a Switzerland photo mash up post, to highlight my time over there and give more of anView full post »