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India; Another Universe Part 3

The day after our wonderful evening spent with the majestic Taj Mahal we headed to a few places around Agra, first beingView full post »

Part 3 to come, but instead, meet SLM

… So regular programming has been interrupted the past few days.. Part 3 of our Indian Adventure will have to waitView full post »

Another Universe Part 2

And so it goes on …. After “6 hours driving” which turned into a good 9 hours due to the ever lovely IndianView full post »

It’s all in the eyes

Linking in today with Trish and Tina for another Wordless Wednesday In this case, words wouldn’t be able to doView full post »

Let’s have a yarn!

Linking in today with TRISH and TINA for some wordless Wednesday action! Spotted this guy hooning along the roadView full post »

The one that’s NOT about India

So.. Welcome back to me! (can’t believe it’s been a whole month, I’ve missed my darling community likeView full post »

The Innocence

My darling best friends 4 week old NMR – This lil boy has my heart in his hands.Linking in with Trish and Tina forView full post »

A box of treasure

I’ve been sitting here starring at that blinking curser for god knows how long. The thing is, it’s not writers blockView full post »

A new mother is.

So this is going to be short and sweet.. Oh so sweet! I’m not really in the post writing frame of mind, might haveView full post »

Powerful thoughts.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes” – Gandhi I’ve been thinking aView full post »

Where to ?

I’ve hit one of those dredded, or not so dreaded (depending how you look at it) crossroads. The one where you REALLYView full post »

Quantity VS Quality

I think we all reach that age at some stage where we value quality of friends much much more so than quantity..View full post »

Some Moggers do have ’em

A thought struck me the other morning while I was drying my hair before work (yes of course that detail is relevant….View full post »

What time is it you ask ? OH, its RANT O’CLOCK !

I feel that I’ve come to this cross path in my life where I just can not any longer stand STUPIDITY. I mean, my jobView full post »

Roller-coasters and snowballs.

So this week I was planning to do a Switzerland photo mash up post, to highlight my time over there and give more of anView full post »