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New Beginnings

January 2014… With those words comes  a breath of fresh air, for me personally, I was happy to see the end ofView full post »

Throw yourself a curve ball

Far more often than not, our minds are set on the future.. What will I be doing next week? Where can I go on the weekendView full post »

The Invitation

The below is  a poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer – It pretty much sums up exactly what I want to say to every.View full post »

Negativity rules

Negativity rules …. way too often. So much lately, I find myself wondering what the actual flip is going on inView full post »

less than super human

It’s completely ok to take a break sometimes. It’s ok to admit that you need time out. It’s ok to then take saidView full post »

Tightrope of life

I love this picture, and it is even more appropriate as we had the ‘Super Moon’ Sunday night. The picture for meView full post »

Immerse yourself

We are all striving to be our better selves, whether this is conscious or not. Some of us go out of our way to findView full post »

Mindful Monday

Oh, how simple we could make things for ourselves if we just removed all the expectations…View full post »